9th of September

Hi all, I know you are probably busy with the SAC's for various subjects over this final week. I have modified our final assessment for VCE Chemistry. There will be three parts of the practical investigation and you are going to be working through the first part over the next few days.

Part 1 – Design of Practical investigation


QUESTION: How can the Vitamin C content of fruits and vegetables be determined and compared?


TASK – To design an experiment with aim,, equipment and chemical list, risk assessment/analysis and experimental procedure to answer the question.


You will need to read through the PRACTICAL INVESTIGATION document that has been used in previous years to get an idea of how the practical investigation is developed. This will also help you in the future aspects of the practical investigation. You will then need to go online and research practical techniques / methods to develop an aim and practical procedure to get results that could answer the question. You will need to provide a complete chemical and equipment list, complete a risk assessment analysis (see attached document on website) and complete a step by step practical procedure.

For the risk assessment, you will need to fill in the attached document. For chemicals, read up chemical MSDS online to get hazard and waste details to decide how they should be assessed.

Part 1 is due Monday the 13th. I know that this is in holidays, but I want to give you a few days to complete it. I will post the secondary data so you can do Part 2 and Part 3 over the holidays.

Due to lockdown restrictions, you will not be conducting your experiment, but will be given access to secondary data and results from a practical experiment (with procedure) that I will provide. This will be used for part 2 and part 3 of the investigation.

Good luck!


1st September

Hi all, I know you are probably very busy in preparations for the many assessments for various subjects at the moment. I wanted to upload the information for the final Chemistry assessment - The Practical Investigation. The problem has been the VCAA/Victorian Government have not yet clarified the allowance of coming to school to undertake the required practical component of this assessment.


The original plan involved you developing a question in relation to food chemistry (vitamin C content), designing a practical experiment, create the experimental procedure with risk assessment and hypothesis, conduct the experiment and complete a practical report. Due to the current limitations and having to wait for confirmation, this will have to be modified.

I have been thinking of ways to change it so it meets the requirements of the task without undertaking the practical components. This will likely involve watching me undertake a prescribed experiment via video. I am aiming to upload the new, modified practical investigation instructions to start the process Monday. It will be an ongoing task that does not need to be undertaken under SAC conditions.

In the meantime, we have actually finished all of the theoretical content of the course. Noah and Antonio, you can both start the review process in preparation for exams. I will provide some exam packs for you soon. I recommend spending some time running through your notes, text book notes and practice questions. I even recommend writing your own condensed mini summaries of each topic to help you consolidate the course. I won't give any requirements for this as each student is individual in how they best revise content. If you would like some suggestions or tips, let me know and we can talk about it via phone or email.

Hang in there!

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17th of August

Hi all, please find attached the power point slides that finish chapter 13 and the topic of Food Chemistry for that matter. We will be starting review from this point on as well, please see last slide for questions.

I would also like to confirm that the SAC is aimed to be held on TUESDAY next week (24th of August). I will call you all to confirm an ideal start time (90 minutes).


13th of August

Hi all, please find attached the power point slides that works through most of the content from chapter 13 excluding bomb calorimetry.

Questions to do are on the last slide. I will upload the final bit of work on Tuesday. We can start review then.


12th of August

Hi all, please find attached the power point slides that finishes the content from chapter 12. It is on the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids (fats and oils) and also addresses coenzymes.

Questions to do are on the last slide.

Also let me know if you prefer to have a video attached running through the slides. Not sure whether you guys would prefer one or not. I am happy to upload one.

I will also upload slides for chapter 13 which is the final section of Food Chemistry tomorrow.

We were planning on doing the SAC at the end of week 6. I am looking at postponing it to the start of week 7 given lockdowns, potential cancellation of camp and other factors. I will contact you all directly at some point to discuss/confirm.



Hi all, please find attached the power point slides and video that runs through the first part of chapter 12, which is on the metabolism of food and enzymes.

Please complete questions:

12.3:   1  -  9

12.4:  All



Hi all, please find attached the slides for the first part of Food chemistry. I would just like you to read through it in detail, if you're unsure about any of the explanations or content, either ask me or follow up with more detail in the text book. I won't get you to do questions on it just yet.

I have also attached some NMR practice questions for you to complete.

Good luck!

Hi all, sorry for the late upload, this was supposed to be uploaded yesterday but I have had some frustrating technical difficulties with the video. For now we are just going through the slides/video and then completing exercise 10.2 on page 336.

I will be uploading the next video and task tomorrow (Thursday).

Good luck!

The power point slides for IR spectroscopy are now also attached. I did not do a video for this one as I don't think it is needed. If there are any concerns we can run through them tomorrow. Questions to be completed are 10.3 starting on page 342