Welcome to Class 12


Week 6: Maths and Geography

Week 7: Drama

Week 8: Studio Arts (Wednesday)

Week 9: English (Thursday)

> September 2 - I have provided the Marking Criteria for the Written Component. Have a look at it while you are working on your draft and following Jake's advice in the email he sent. Please refer to the Project page in the Written component section - it is a pdf. (Tricia)

> August 31 - We have updated some information for the Showing and Project due dates. Please refer to the Project page for an updated timeline and edited document referring to the showing. (Tricia)

> August 19 - Project revised submission date - Please refer to project page. (Tricia)

> UPDATE - August 11 - Please visit the Project Page - Tricia has uploaded excerpts from past Written Components. I am also going to upload a video/audio file tomorrow and more information about how to write the Written Component.

> Update - Wednesday, August 5th: Please check the Guardian page for more detailed update:

> Careers stuff from Bernie:

OR - the following video contains the VTAC information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYMWQC69oDA

> Please be aware - any visits to the school site need to be made by request so that we can manage the Health and Safety requirements. 

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