Week Five

2. Thursday 13th August

Class 12s,

Your SAC will be next Thursday 20th August at 11 am.

I plan to call you all next Tuesday to check in with how your study is going. 

Below is a document outlining all you need to revise. 

There is also the last worksheet you need to complete on Human Migration.

I highly recommend you study thoroughly on the weekend, remember, we're aiming high!


I look forward to checking in with you all next week,


1. Tuesday 11th August

I hope you've all had a peaceful weekend Class 12, 

I have decided to upload geography work for every Monday and Thursday. 

We will have our first Unit 4 SAC next week, I will email you all with the date and time of this SAC within the next few days. 

As well as doing the worksheet on population pyramids, I recommend you spend time today reviewing the demographic transition model, and ensure you have learnt the definitions for an ageing population and for a dependency population

Talk soon, 

Lou x 

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