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VCE English Unit 4: Remote learning

ESSAY TOPICS ===> Essay Topics.pdf

Update: Tuesday, September 1: SAC FILES READY - see below.

Update: Tuesday, August 25

New work uploaded below. 4 Chapters this time (the last four!). Chapter 9 and 10 are both big ones (just do your best! Chapter 10 is probably the most important in terms of Robyn's character). Chapters 11 and 12 are both short ones.

Next week I will upload some extra comparison tasks, some readings, and all of the SAC info, including essay topics one of which you can choose, which I will then modify slightly on the day of the SAC (like we did for In Cold Blood).


Nearly there guys!! Keep at it. 

Please let me know if you're behind or worried at all.



Term 3: Week 8-9, 1/9+ FINAL  WORK

Important SAC information
Comparison Tasks DUE: before SAC
Mandatory advice and readings
Additional (optional) advice and readings
Previous students' comparative essays (on Tracks & Into the Wild)

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