Dear Max, Jack, Renee, Valentina, Safin, Jade and Tali, 

Can you believe how close you are to finishing your school journey??

I hope you all have a healthy and relaxing holiday in which you carve out space for yourself, which in turn, supports you to find time to be productive for Project and school work.

In regards to Geography, please complete ALL the work from weeks 7-9 thoroughly. I have attached the work on this Geography home page below. Furthermore, read and study the information in Chapter 4 (Bangladesh) and Chapter 8 (Japan) of the textbook. You will sit your final SAC within a few weeks of returning to school. 

I look forward to being with you all again in your last few weeks at school, 

Love Lou

What are Japan's population issues and challenges? 

Please answer this question in dot point form, using information on pages 116 and 117 of the textbook to guide you. 

To end the week's work I would like you to evaluate the success of several responses to the issue of Japan's ageing population.

The responses are outlined on pages 119 and 120 of the textbook. 

Explain and evaluate:

  • The Angel Plan

  • The Act of Child Allowance

  • Abenomics

  • The Domestic Robot Market

  • Yamatsuri - A sustainable town

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