Thursday 9th September

Hello class 12's, I hope you are looking forward to a bit of a rest over the holidays, though no doubt you will still be working hard on your projects/revision etc.

This is the last of the tasks for Japan, open the first document for instructions, then answer the questions using the article and link below:



Instructions and quotes.

Social change article

Tuesday 7th September 

Hello class 12's, I hope you are well.

This week we will finish off our Japan population study, then all we have left to do is revise!

Similar to Thursday, this weeks tasks are within the powerpoint, highlighted in blue.

Good Luck :)

Japan- Challenges and Responses

Cherry Blossoms

Thursday 2nd September 

Hello all, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful sunshine yesterday.

Today we start Japan, as our Aging Population case study- please read through the information on the powerpoint. Today the tasks are integrated through the powerpoint- the are 4 tasks and they are highlighted in blue.

Type your responses on a separate document and send to me please.



Tuesday 31st August

Spring tomorrow hooray!

Today is our last session on Bangladesh- Thursday we will start Japan. Please continue to send me your work, so that I can give you feedback. Samadhi I got your work from Tuesday but not Thursday last week, and Karuna I'm still having trouble finding your Tuesday answers, I you could send them though again please... Noah I haven't seen your work.

Open the first document, which contains instructions as well as a link and a couple of quotes. The article referred to is the one below.

Hopefully class 12's will be back at school next term (?) so we will review both the case studies before the final SAC in Week 2 (which will be based on Bangladesh and Japan).

Also click on Rohingya Story Map for a link to a story map on the Rohingya refugees, (also more examples of use of spatial tech), and 'Basan Char' for a look at the island where these refugees are being 'relocated' to.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Instructions and link.

Youth Bulge Article

Thursday 26th August

Continuing with our Case Study of Bangladesh today- please read through the powerpoint: there is some information on the challenges Bangladesh faces, and their migration situation. 
I then want you to research some responses, based on the articles and websites I have provided (with guiding questions, at the end of the power point), as well as your text book.
I am also going to email you the 2021 PRB population data sheet which has just been published (up to date population data), as well as a link to a great story map called "The Uprooted" about the Syrian refugee crisis- this is a good example of Spatial Technology use in Population studies- using satellite imagery/remote sensing, as well as GIS technology. 
Feel free to contact me with any questions... hopefully we can get into school at some stage to review-  "exam revision"!
Good Luck
Bangladesh challenges and responses.
Spectacular Achievement Article
Good Morning,
Below is a Power Point intro to Bangladesh- open it and listen to the Audio at the same time. There are 3 tasks at the end, one of them refers to the article posted below. I am just finishing marking your SAC's and then I will let you know how you went (you all passed so don't stress :))

Bangladesh Power Point

Bangladesh Part 1
00:00 / 04:20
Bangladesh Part 2
00:00 / 10:33

Explanation of 'Dips'

Thursday 19th August 

Good Morning.

I will email your SAC to you at 11am today.

Please respond so that I know you got it, and return it by 2pm- I will respond so that you know I have it. 

As to having it "open book"- if you need to check a definition or fact then go ahead, but I wouldn't waste time searching for ways to make your answers better. I know how you all write and of course this needs to be your own work. This is a SAC that we would usually do in an hour at school so use your extra time to double check your answers, and that you have answered all aspects of the questions.

One question requires you to click on a link to a Gapminder graph- if it doesn't link you may need to cut and paste into your browser.

You can either save the document as "Yourname SAC" and answer directly below each question (I haven't left lines between the questions), or answer in a separate document, with questions clearly numbered.

Good Luck, let me know if you have any questions. 


Tuesday 17th August

Hello Class 12 Geog's

Another two weeks... ho hum.

As we know we won't be back at school next week we will stick with having our SAC on Thursday so that it will be out of the way. 

Today your case studies are due- we will share them so that you can read each others.

For today's class do some revision and have a look at the document below for some suggestions. There is also a 'practice SAC' with just a few examples of the kinds of questions you might encounter on Thursday. These are not compulsory but if you want to email me your answers I can give you some feedback (as long as you give me your practice answers today). The SAC will mainly be data analysis and I think you will all be fine. 

On Thursday I will email the SAC at 11 am and it needs to be returned by 2pm.

Take Care 


Tues 17th Doc
Practice SAC Questions

Hello 12's

Again I'm not going to give you too much extra work again toady, as I'm expecting you to be working on your case studies ready to present/hand in/share on Tuesday.

Below is a document with a couple of small tasks (these are continuing revision for the SAC)... Tuesday we will also revise/have practice questions. You can also be filling in your Graphic Organisers if you haven't finished those.

Good luck,


Tuesday 10th August

Hello peoples,

I am not going to give you a lot of extra work, as you all still need to be working on your case studies of your growing and ageing countries.
Just one small extra task is to have a practice of interpreting Population pyramids. (below) Please send me in your answers for this task so I can make sure everyone has got the hang of it.
For your case studies, I hope we will be back at school to present them to each other but if we are not please collate your information into some succinct notes that you can send to me and each other.
I will catch up with you all during the week.
Take Care
Population pyramid practice.

Tuesday 27th July

Hi Karuna, Samadhi and Noah,

Below is today's task- its not a huge amount of work today. 

Please try to make sure you are up date with everything by Thursday (fingers crossed) so that we can do a quick review of all of the remote work before we move on. Please also print all your work, or have it available to look at on your laptops for Thursday.

 Thanks, good luck. Email me if you need anything.


Tuesday Task

Thursday 22nd July

Sorry, no cups of tea today, you will have to make yourself one.

I haven't received any work from any of you yet! Please email me some so that I can see how you are all going with it.

See below for todays tasks, and a little Audio just to mix it up :) 

Geography 12 Thursday 22nd
00:00 / 06:35

Worksheet Thursday 22nd

Tuesday 20th July

Hi Class 12 Geographers, 

Here we go again! 

I hope you all have your text books at home so that you can work with them today, and likely Thursday (let's hope not longer than that...)

I am going to post below two documents relating to the first part of chapter 3 on Population movement (migration).Pages 44-49. The second document has 3 separate tasks so make sure you address each one. Please email me your responses, however is easiest for you (I didn't put lines on the worksheet for the answers so you could save the document under your own name and type answers below each question), or you can answer in a separate document and just include numbers so I know which question you are answering. (Or you can do that by hand, and upload photos of your work for me). 

Let me know if you have any questions or worries.

Good Luck 


Worksheet 1- Migration
Worksheet 2- Migration