Guardian Matters

and guardians matter

Wednesday, August 5

Dear Class 12,


We hope you had a great big breath out yesterday and assembled what you needed to get a nice working space together for the next stint of Unit 4 work and Project/ Exam preparation.


We have so much faith in you people – you are adaptable, smart, resilient and know how to look after yourselves and others. 


“Make your bed” every morning as Safin would say. I would include “keeping your working space looking good” – it is inspiring to think and produce in a clear and well organised place.


These are little tips from working at home people – 


  • Rest your eyes every 45 minutes by looking at something far away in nature.

  • Get up and leave the desk or screen regularly in between working.

  • Keep a large water bottle or thermos nearby and drink water or herbal teas often

  • Limit your phone use or social media to specific times like lunchtimes or afternoons

  • Exercise daily (you have an hour outside) but stretches or yoga are good too.

  • Communicate often with your teachers 

  • Ask for help in whatever capacity you need it.



Ok, Tess, Jake or Chinny will try and call you all on Thursday and Friday to see how you are going. Same as before, we will ring a parent from the school phone or make sure you are in the vicinity of your parent.


Be well.


Tess and Jake

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