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- Given that there is likely to be no camp this Term, and we have gained lesson time in other areas, I have decided to move the Assessment for In Cold Blood back to Week 3 - exact date and time will be announced soon. 


- For submitting work, at the moment, please use staff email addresses. These work perfectly for most, but sometimes not perfectly for all. We are also working on an 'upload' system which, if it works, should solve this issue. As a last resort, we may fall back on using Drop Box. But for now - let's see how email goes.

- Have a look at the class 11 website - Murray has posted a lovely video (in true Murray style) that gives some advice for how to study at home. He has also provided a blank timetable if you want to make yourself a timetable (recommended!  I have made one).


- I have uploaded an updated Homework Table - which will track all upcoming work that is set, as well as outstanding work from last term/holidays.

NOTE: you do not have to upload photos of your highlighting and annotating of the Chapter Analyses - tell me you've done them and I'll tick you off. You do need to show me photos/documents of the Questions from the Chapter Analyses. 
When you send me your first email, please let me know how you're going! How are you dealing with everything? 

Thursday update: updated Homework Table has been uploaded.

Wednesday p.m.: Final two close studies uploaded (might be one mini study left to go). After that, it's just reading & annotating and planning for your essay.


Essay Topics:

All non-exam students: need to send me the essay topic they wish to complete their essay on. I will then re-phrase the topic and send it to you on the morning of the SAC,s o that you cannot start writing the essay before that day.

All exam students: need to send me three essay topics, one of which I will send you, re-phrased, on the morning of the SAC.

April 27:

ESSAY TOPICS DOWNLOAD HERE: > Essay Topics for Sac.pdf

Wednesday April 29:

Homework List has been updated. Most students are good to go. Some students still have one or two things to send me (remember: ~90% means you can afford to not send me one of the tasks) - don't forget to do it before the SAC starts tomorrow!

Essay topics will be emailed and put on the website between 10.30 and 11.00 am tomorrow.

Monday April 27:

All SAC files and necessary planning resources uploaded. See Student Work

Homework List has been updated (as of midday Sunday) - check to see if you are up to date or if you still need to send me any outstanding work.

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