Product Design
& Technology
Unit 4

Term 3 Week 9 September 7th

Care Labels and Production Processes in Industry


.....VCAA have made further changes regarding which practical subjects can come into school this week, however, unfortunately Product Design is still not on that list! Let's continue to use this time at home to ensure that Folios are as up to date as they possibly can be. If you haven't already, check out the link to top designs below for some inspiration from some of the high scoring folios from last year! There is plenty worth looking at here, but the PDT folio pages towards the bottom may be of particular use!

Top designs

PDT Folio Pages

Working Drawings, production plans, costings, Risk Assessment and setting up a template for a journal are all things that you should now be complete. Use the template guides at the back of your workbook (also available through your digital version) to help guide this if you are not sure how to go about it.


Care Labels: read pg 410-411 in your text book and 163-165 in your workbook. Then have a go at making a care label for your finished product. There is some good examples in the PDT Folio Pages link from Top designs (above)

Production in Industry: read pg 403-404 in your text book (plus revise content from SAC 2 last term on product design in industry (Rip curl, etc) There is a template on pg 194 of your workbook to help you think about how your product may be manufactured in industry.



We will also need to have a good think about what may realistically be achievable in terms of production. We can modify and simplify due to the current circumstances if needed. It is possible that you may be able to come in to school to work on practical tasks at certain times from next week but nothing has been finalised as yet. I will keep you posted.

If you have the ability to scan work to send through or can send as a document then I'd love to see where you are at.

Feel free to email with any questions or work for me to have a look at. Also if you would like to set up a phone conversation or need some more resources.