Independent Project

Project Updated Timeline - Project Due Date

October 6th 

Hello Project Students,

Due to the ongoing changes for this year, and as a nod to Special Consideration on a broader scale, Faculty decided to move the date for the completed project back a week. If you were already working towards completing by the 16th October, this will be acknowledged by your supervisor and reflected in your marks for that area. If you found there were other things that were required that you weren't expecting - you have until the 23rd October.

You need to show your finished product to your supervisor ON THIS DATE.

If you have any questions about this please talk to your Supervisor, or myself.

All the best,



The Poster

September 21st

Hello Project Students,

As you should all be aware, you will need to make a poster to advertise your project. As the exact format of the expo/showing remains unclear at this stage, but will likely be shown in one way or another on presentation weekend, this is the date that we will have you include on your poster. 

I have put together a short video on graphic design to assist you in designing your poster - please watch it before completing this task (see below). 

Your poster should include the following information:

  • Your name

  • The words: Little Yarra Steiner School Class 12 Independent Research Project

  • Something along the lines of: "will be presented to the public on the 21st/22nd November at the Little Yarra Steiner School" (how you format and word this is up to you, but that is the required information)

  • A content warning or age recommendation (where necessary).

We also ask that you write a short, well written paragraph of around 100 words to describe your product and overall project. You may wish to include this (or a shorter description) on the poster, or you may not, that part is up to you; either way you need to write this blurb and submit it to your supervisor along with your poster. This will be used when making the handout booklet for the presentations etc.


POSTER AND PARAGRAPH DRAFT DUE: Friday 9th October (Term 4, Week 1)


Please Note: This is a draft - this work will be submitted to your supervisor on this date so that they may check and proof-read it. They may request that you make changes before you create many copies and distribute them to the public.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


Please click on the image to watch 

the poster/graphic design video:


Jake's Question...

August 31st 

Hello Project Students,

Another item Faculty has discussed is to have a written check-in to get a broader understanding from each of you about any special consideration that we may need to apply due to the unique circumstances of the year. I believe Jake emailed a question along the lines of:

"How has your product and your ability to meet the Statement of Intention been adversely affected by Covid-19?"

Please email a response to your Supervisor and Jake or Tess by Friday 4th September.

All the best,



Project Showing and updated timeline

August 31st 

Hello Project Students,

We are anticipating not being able to hold a fair this year and in preparation Faculty has decided on the following alterations to how the showing will be held.

1. The finished product will still be due by the weekend the fair would have been - Friday 16th October.

a) Please discuss with your supervisor what you will be required to show on this date.

2. You will set up a display for your Showing the week before the Oral Presentations.

a) If people are allowed onsite, these will be "unmanned" stalls for people to view during the Presentations.

b) If people are not allowed onsite, the staff will prepare a digital presentation that will be ready for viewing that weekend.

3. The poster will reflect the above date for the Showing.

If you have any questions about this please talk to your Supervisor, or myself.

All the best,


Text that has changed or is no longer relevant is highlighted in green in the documents given.

Poster Draft

August 19th

Hello Project Students,

Due to the many unknowns we have at the moment, we have made the following decisions regarding the poster:

1. You will still do one! With the possibility of changes...

2. The due date will now be in Term 4 - 9th October. To allow for less changes - hopefully.

3. You will be provided with further information in the holidays - watch this space!

4. Remember this is a DRAFT - the more effort you put into it the better feedback you will get!

This just means more time to get started on your written component :)




Written Components

Hello dear students,

Please download and peruse the Additional Advice on the Written Components (found below). This is information that I would have loved to have brought to you personally, but instead I have typed it all up, and provided a voice-recording of me reading the document (with a few extra bits, and a few stuff ups).

You do not have to listen, but you should all download and read the document. Seeing as I am the one who will be marking your written components  (along with your Supervisor, who is aware of this document) - it would make sense you to follow the suggestions.

> Written Component - Additional Advice.pdf

> Audio recording Part 1

> Audio recording Part 2




Hi Class 12!

We have provided examples of past Written Components to help you understand different ways you can complete yours. These are just a select number of pages, not a complete version. Please refer to your student guide for the exact requirements for your own version (Pages 15-16 and Appendix A) as some requirements may have changed since the students below completed theirs.

If there is anything more specific you would like to know please ask your supervisors first. I can also provide other examples if required.

I have also included a pdf of the second Progress Report for when that time comes.

All the best,

Tricia (

Postscript: these excerpts have not been chosen because they are necessarily from 'the best' written components, but because they give a wide range of different types of Projects, and of different ways to structure the writing. Jake.

August 10th

August 12th


Please note that Supervisors will be in contact soon, if not this week then next. We anticipate that from next week we will begin with 1x1 supervisor meetings, which will begin with phone conversations. We will look towards implementing video software if and when we deem it appropriate.

Changed Dates:

The revised timeline includes the following changed dates:

  • History and Context - 1st May

    • Examples of past work is in the file provided.​

  • Detailed work plan - 27th April

    • This is now required to be a detailed plan of the next three weeks. (Week 3-5)

    • Please email this directly to your supervisor.

  • Progress Report 1 - 1st may

    • PDF is on this page.​

    • We are happy for this to be submitted digitally.

  • Research journals - Week 4

    • We do not have a more accurate date at this stage but will aim to tie it in to when other things will happen. (i.e. collection/submission of Main Lesson work.)​

If you are finding some elements of your project are difficult to complete, please discuss this with your supervisor first. You may need to complete the attached form (2020 Revise S of I) and email it to your supervisor.


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