Monday 24th August:


 Exhibition marketing and SAC revision



The last thing that we need to look at before the SAC is marketing. Please click HERE to watch an interview with the Marketing Manager of the NGV. Once you have watched this video, then please read the document that I have written for you. This document talks about marketing broadly, and about the NGV specifically.

In preparation for the SAC, it will be your job to consider and write some notes for yourself about which marketing methods apply specifically to the Collecting Comme exhibition - ask yourself, do all of the marketing methods shown apply to this exhibition? Which ones apply most strongly and why? (consider the fact that it is an exhibition using an in-house collection rather than a big international exhibition, and consider the Covid19 situation). 


Revise what we have studied so far in preparation for the SAC. I have put together some pretty comprehensive revision notes for you, and there are many more resources at the bottom of this web-page. Please pay particular attention to the different gallery roles (public, commercial, artist run etc.) as it has been a long time since we looked at this. 


Wednesday 2nd September:


 THE SAC - available at 1pm


  • There are 8 questions in this SAC. The total number of marks allocated to each question is shown in brackets at the end of the question

  • This SAC is an open book SAC, but otherwise needs to be sat under test conditions:

  • Please do not communicate with other students whilst you are completing this SAC.

  • You will need to complete the SAC in the allocated time (2 hours and 15 minutes), and email me your work promptly at the end of the SAC.

  • You may type your responses directly onto this word document, or you may hand-write your responses; if you hand write your responses, please clearly label each answer as Q1, Q2, Q3 etc.

  • Read the entire SAC before you begin. You do not need to do the SAC in order. Perhaps consider tackling the questions that you know best first, to ensure that you have time to do them. 

  • Aim to be detailed and specific in your responses!

PLEASE NOTE: The word and PDF documents are exactly the same - I have just included both to ensure that everyone can open it (you will need to use the word version if you want to type your responses directly on to the SAC sheet. Please email me when you receive this SAC so that I know you have it and are about to begin.



Background image: Outfit by Rei Kawakubo


Marking time - curator's videos

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