Please select the appropriate button to upload your work.

PLEASE make sure your files are clearly labelled, STARTING with your first name, e.g.

Lawkwanda Close study 4   or, if there is more than one Lawkwanda in the class:

Lawkwanda S. Close Study 4

Upload document files
(ms word, .doc, .txt, .pdf, etc.)

Upload documents
Max File Size 15MB

Upload images

(.jpg, .img, .gif, etc)

Upload images
Max File Size 15MB

Upload audio files

(.wma .wav .mp3   etc.) 

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How to send emails and complete SACS

  • Reply to any email. 

    • This is to confirm to your teacher that you have seen and received the email.

    • It only needs to be a simple “Thanks”. 

    • You can always add more if you have a question.

  • Use formal language.

    • Set out your email or reply with letter writing conventions.

    • Check your spelling and grammar.

  • Give your email a subject.

    • Class 9 English week 1. Or Class 11 Main Lesson Tuesday Week 2. Etc.

  • Any files that are sent should be saved with your name and subject.

    • i.e. Esme W2 German.

  • Compile work into one file.

    • A series of photographs could be included in a single word document and then sent. 

    • This may take you 5 minutes, but if your teacher has to do that for 20 students it could take over an hour and a half.

  • Be aware of the size of files.

    • Send small photo files.

    • Change a word document to a pdf

    • You can reduce a file size in word by selecting FILE àREDUCE FILE SIZE (in the top toolbar) and then changing the selection from ‘Print 220ppi’ to ‘Email ‘96ppi’.

    • Contact your teacher if you are having difficulty emailing a large file that cannot be reduced.



Guidelines for completing SACS at home:

  • All normal requirements for SACS are to be followed.

  • Don’t talk to others.

  • Don’t look at your notes or do extra research unless you are given permission to do so by your teacher.

  • Don’t have someone else proof read and edit your work before emailing it back to your teacher. 

  • Put your devices to “Do not disturb”.

  • You may need to send a “I have received the SAC” email. Read the instructions given closely.

  • Make sure that you send it back within the required time period.  


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