Tali Jagielski

The Beautiful Feminist

Tali spent her year researching the relationship between beauty and feminism. These closely related topics let her delve into ideas of oversexualisation of girls and women in the media, the stereotypes encompassing the feminist movement and the social pressure and expectation surrounding body image and behaviour. She has presented this as a photography exhibition with an artistic narrative from past, present through to the future. The artworks demonstrate a social commentary and help to continue conversations about beauty and feminism: two issues that are vital to empowering people and achieving true equality for all.

As Tali was unable to invite everyone in the community to view her project she also produced a digital walkthrough of the exhibition, which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Please click the icon to view Tali's Presentation

Please click the icon to view Tali's Exhibition

Please click the icon to view Tali's Photo Annotations

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